Computer Forensic Tools

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Computer Forensic Tools: The use of computers in homes, schools, offices, and other places has increased in the past few years due to technological developments. As computers have become important components of modern communication, their increased use has also led to the emergence of computer crimes. Computer crimes basically involve the use of a computer system to carry out an illegal activity. In attempts to lessen the frequency and impact of computer crimes, law enforcement agencies use computer forensic to investigate these offenses. Actually, computer crimes are governed by specific laws and dealt with through conducting a computer forensic investigation (Easttom & Taylor, 2011, p.337). Notably, a computer forensic investigation is usually carried out through the use of computer forensic tools, which help in collection of evidence based on the specific offense. Programs for Recovering Deleted Files: There are various programs that can be used for recovering deleted files such as UndeletePlus, Disk Digger, and EnCase Forensics, which are associated with different success rates and particular functions. UndeletePlus is a program that is available for $29.95 and is very easy to use since it involves selecting a drive and clicking the Scan button. The program will then list any or all deleted files it finds or discover in the recovery process (Easttom & Taylor, 2011, p.287). On the contrary, DiskDigger is a freeware, which has a wizard interface that takes the user through the process. This involves identifying the drive to scan, the type of search to be conducted, and the kind of files to search. EnCase Forensics the leader in digital forensics and available for $2,995 since it incorporates various features such as ... ... middle of paper ... ...he defendant’s computer from the witnesses’ computers. Despite Ravi’s attempt to tamper with evidence, the expert used computer forensic tools and processes to collect and record evidence. In conclusion, computer crimes have increased in the recent past because of the proliferation of these devices due to technological advancements. This has in turn contributed to the emergence of computer forensics, which involves the use of various processes and tools to gather evidence that is admissible in a court. There are various types of computer forensic tools or programs with different features, costs, and areas of effectiveness. Similarly, there are various computer experts for various computer crime scenarios. Since these experts are only suitable for varying computer crime scenarios, the hourly costs of hiring them differ based on the specific details of the case.
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