Essay about Different Types Of Relationship Between Doctors And Patients

Essay about Different Types Of Relationship Between Doctors And Patients

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Despite the fact that there is a strict Code of Conduct of Pharmacy in the United Kingdom, the problems of sexual boundaries being crossed between doctors and patients is still happening. This report aims to provide information about different types of relationship between doctors and patients which can lead to unethical sexual behaviour between the two parties. The findings shows that this case is common when there is an unbalance power between doctors and patients and when the patients attend a long and continuous meeting sessions with the doctors. In order to tackle this issue, there must be a strict line drawn between the doctors and the patient to maintain the professional relationship between the two.
In general definition, the role of doctors is a complementary to the role of patients. A doctor will help a patient who is ill by applying his knowledge and skill to get the patient recuperate from the illness and the patient will cooperate with the doctor for speedy recovery. However, in some cases this common believe will go crossing sexual boundaries when a relationship between doctors and patients go further than just medical-related connection. This report will highlight different types of doctor-patients relationships in the United Kingdom and brief explanation of how specific types of relationship leads to sexual boundaries between the two to be crossed. The limitation of this report is the focus that will only talk about the types of relationship with doctors and patients which will eventually lead to unethical sexual behaviour between the two. There is also limited pictorial data that shows the case of sexual boundaries being crossed in doctors-patients relationship in the United Kingdom.
The relationships between doct...

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...rsonal relationship has to be drawn so as the action done by either party is not against the Code of Conduct of Pharmacy in the UK. 
Based on the common cases that happen around sexual violation in the relationship between doctors and patients, actions must be takes such as:
Being aware of one’s fantasies and feelings towards another party
Avoiding any kind of intimate relationships with people over whom one should have a professional relationship with
Being cautious of possible consequences of every action being done
Taking a professional approach to the sexual advances of the patients
Referring every action to the Code of Conduct of Pharmacy for every practice or examination being done to ensure every procedure is done properly
Seeking for consultation as soon as one feel in doubt of whether one has crossed sexual boundaries in the doctor-patient relationship

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