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A documentary Doctors ' Diaries produced real-life stories of seven first-year medical students from Harvard University. The film shows emotions and mental stress that goes through medical students while becoming a doctor and how it affects them. Medical students choose medicine or pre-med as a career to help save people, but the challenges interns interfere with are their personal life and education. At first, the interns were excited about their future and then over time they became tired and damage in certain ways; Tom Tarter was one of the interns that had to go through their medical education, internship, and family life at 21 years old. At the beginning of the film, I thought each of the interns was going to be able to pursue their careers…show more content…
Doctors had power toward their patients and their interns. As it shows in the book review of The Silent World of Doctor and Patients by Jay Katz; one of the interns said “There is a hierarchy in the hospital, on the top is the attending’s, then is the Chief residence, followed by interns and lastly is the three years’ medical students” and Katz said “Patients can 't trust their physicians to act in their interests…” Patients don’t have the mentality of making a medical decision on their own like an intern can’t make a surgery without an attending watching over them. The capability a patient and intern has is very little to benefit their outcome of health and knowledge. Lastly, I also learned that nothing ends up how you want it to be. For example, Cheryl loved working with seniors but she decided to leave the hospital and just work in a family clinic van, called Echoing Green. She is the president of a non-profit organization, that takes care of any patient to change problems without them going to the procedure of a hospital. The Doctors ' Diaries is a very interesting film that leads me to understand more what goes on, on an everyday doctor

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