Essay about Different Types Of Criminal Justice

Essay about Different Types Of Criminal Justice

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There are many types of criminal justice used in the world. Each and every country uses different ones to maintain civilization while striving to create peace and balance within their society. The justice system is also used to create a social code of conduct in society and jurisdiction. Every country’s justice system attempts to achieve well-preserved system through punishment and deterrence by creating a notion that forces individuals to abide the law of their country. Nations used several distinctive methods of punishments to individuals that go against the social norms. Prison is a popular approach used to keep offenders to protect them from society. Sykes (1958), Goffman (1961) and Okunola (1986) state that prison is recognised as a place highly secluded from the rest of the world with an entirely new order of control. However, how punishment is inflicted differs in various criminal justice systems from being a punitive or rehabilitative nature. Countries such as England and Wales uphold the human right and try to tickle overcrowding whereas in Nigeria is notorious and prisoners suffer brutal fate. This essay will explore the modifications between Nigeria and England and Wales’s prison system as well as compare and contrasting the features of prison and the treatment of the inmates.

England and Wales use the adversarial criminal justice system where magistrate or jury observer two opposing parties presenting their case to decide the verdict by the court of justice. This system does not establish the truth but rather proofing cases ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ (Tim Newburn 2013). Likewise, the Nigerian system uses many different systems one of it being the adversarial system. Nigeria has many law systems including English co...

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...s are sharing a cell designed for one person. Howard League for Penal reform noted figures showed about 19,140 two made inmates on average although cells were not big enough for them. The number of prisons in England and Wales dealing with an overcrowding problem is difficult to adjust as its keep on growing. Statistics show that from may 2013, the prison population in England and Wales stood 83,151.1 Between June 1993 and June 2012 the prison population in England and Wales increased by 41,800 (garland, 2016). Although these reports show the intensification of prison number, it does not indicate the number o

However, Howard League stated that the published figured did not include the number of cells holding more prisoners than they designed to, “and the figures it obtained via a Freedom of Information request revealed the full extent of overcrowding”. (League, 2016)

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