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Incarceration has not always been the main form of “punishment” when it comes to doing an injustice to society. In fact, in the early 1600’s common forms of punishments for doing wrong in society included social rejection, corporal punishment, forced labor etc. (“Prison History.”). It had not been until the 18th century where it had been determined that incarceration could actually be a form of punishment correlating with a set amount of time in which an individual had to serve dependent on the severity of his actions. The logic behind incarceration is to restrict a person of his liberty as retribution for the crime he has committed (Prison History.”) Prisons that were created in the 18th century gained their recognition because of their high goals in perfecting society. But, the truth is as people were focusing on perfecting society prisons soon became overcrowded, dirty, and most of all dangerous. By the late 19th century many more people had become aware of the poor prison conditions which had led to a “reformatory” movement. The reformatory movement was put into place as a means of rehabilitation for inmates (“Prison History.”) Prisons would now offer programs to reform inmates into model citizens by offering counseling, education, and opportunities to gain skills needed for working in a civilian world. However, with the growing amount of inmates each year prisons are still becoming overcrowded. Because prisons are so overcrowded there are not enough resources being spent on achieving the rehabilitation of inmates and reintegrating them into society in order for them to survive in the civilian world once released from prison (“Prison History.”)
One may think prisons are for the sole purpose of incarceration and the punishment ...

... middle of paper ...” The Department of Justice should push for a larger budget in order to maintain order in prisons. With a larger budget the Department of Justice could build new prisons or expand already existing prisons. The expansion of prisons would help tremendously with the issue of overcrowding. If there was a larger budget for expansion there would be more of an opportunity for inmates to receive the services they need in order to be successfully re-entered into the civilian world. Prisons would also become more secure due to the addition of space within prisons. There would be less of a chance for inmates to brawl due to lack of space or privacy. The invasion of privacy would become less of a problem since there would be more space for inmates to share. With more space to share inmates can be allowed spend more time in recreation and education centers inside of prison.

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