Different Things That Make Up A Good Essay

Different Things That Make Up A Good Essay

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There are many different things that make up a good leader.To be a good leader you need to know

and understand yourself.If you are to lead other people it is important to know where you have been

and where you are going.Some of the examples of a leader that I will use in my report are how to use

communication and realizing that it is important for those you are leading to understand what you are

expressing. As a good leader you must have good listening skills.When people are speaking with you

they must understand what you are communicating to them .A good leader makes sure that everyone is

involved in the decision,when a leader is aware of the problem they should step in and assist them with

their problem.Leaders who lead a group of people should stand up for the rights of the group.There are

times when a good leader is faced with things he might not know,to stand up and admit he doesn 't

know it all and ask for help by the group is a sign of a good leader.By being a good leader you and your

group can accomplish whatever task you are trying to complete and accomplish in a professional way.

A example that I want to share is I was assigned a job to update a department at the store I

work.The first thing I do is I gather information on the job.My next step is to gather five people to help

me with this job. As I gathered the group of people that were helping me,I became nervous and a little

afraid that I might not be the right person for this job.We had a meeting to discuss the job we are to do

and everyone had their own ideas about how to do the job,as I listened to each person I realized that

some of their ideas were going to be very helpful.Now that the plans for the job are...

... middle of paper ...

... life but that doesn 't stop me from moving forward

and not making the same mistakes twice.The last thing that makes me a good leader is I know what is

right and wrong and am taught that if I am not comfortable I continue going forward by standing up for

what I believe in. The things I need to work on to be a good leader is to communicate clearly because I

have trouble coming up with the plan in my mind and then giving directions to others.The final thing that I

need to work on is I need to learn to be confident in sharing my ideas with a group of people because in

my mind I’m not sure that my ideas are worth telling other people.This class has really made me realize

that I can do anything I set my mind to and the only thing in my way is me and my self-confidence.

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