Essay on The Development And Management Of Ecotourism

Essay on The Development And Management Of Ecotourism

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The term “ecotourism”, “sell the nature to conserve”, had become known in the late 1980’s since the public realized the negative consequences on the environment had been increasing seriously as well as continuously. It is the result of rising up the overall demand of tourism around the world, known as, “mass tourism”. Ecotourism stands “one of the fastest growing segments” among the tourism industry since most population around the world is eager to develop and conserve the tourist destinations for their future generation. The two principles of ecotourism, also used as a development tool, have been regulated which are encouraging conservation towards tourist destinations, unspoiled, exotic nature areas and supporting the local population by means of providing its’ advantages towards them respectively. Tourists are in the most substantial role according to the first principle, the development and management of unspoiled, exotic natural areas, Furthermore, the involvement of local community is as important as the support of central (50%), local governments (50%) and non-governmental organizations towards successful conservation. The main reason of setting these two principles is sustainability, having in the top priority, in respect of conserving these areas successfully. With the help of community, overcoming/ minimizing the negative effects of tourism is so effective and efficient in remote, nature areas because the area of people has much local knowledge, participation and assistance in cultural exchange with tourists. Hence, the community involvement can lead to sustaining both cultural and natural resource and sustainable ecotourism as well. Besides, careful planning, implementation of plans systematically and c...

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...y (MOECAF) try to conserve the environment as a form of responsible tourism in terms of regulating ecotourism policies and practices. As a result, in May 2015, Myanmar hosted “Ecotourism Conference” in Nay Pyi Taw, the capital of Myanmar. In this conference, “ New Ecotourism Policy and Management Strategy” and “Responsible Tourism Policy” have been regulated whereby collaboration with MOHT and MOECAF. U Htay Aung, the Union Minister for MOHT, had spoken that these policies do mainly focus on ecotourism in protected areas. In addition, these policies have two main objectives that are giving guidance for ecotourism development and management systematically and sustainably and overcoming/ mitigating any potential negative practices arising from unregulated nature based tourism. It is the reason of developing the economy of the country with the help of green economy.

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