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Sustainable Tourism in Small Island
The World Tourism Organization has endorsed that a small island should follow the sustainable tourism development guidelines. This is because small size of Small Island may get environmentally impacts by tourism industry. ( Baldacchino, 2004; Briguglio & Briguglio, 2005 ). Furthermore, due to the natural environmental characteristic of a Small Island, strategies to develop sustainability are always discussed to maintain the balance between economic and environment ( Briguglio & Briguglio, 2005 ). Based on the characteristic above, Perhentian Islands contain of natural environmental characteristics. Thus, the environmental characteristics were studied in order to understand the challenges in Perhentian Island as a small Island. Other than environmental issue, limited economic resource base is one of the issues. Therefore, tourism is a tool for Small Island for widen their economies ( Croes, 2005 ).

Destination branding process divided into five phrases: strategy orientation, destination identity and image, stakeholder involvement, implementation, monitoring and review ( Baker and Cameron, 2008 ). This process confirmed the importance of branding and as well underlining the complexity that relates to a destination branding process. Examples of strategy orientation such as definition’s market are measured and segmented, the main competition is identified and also all the issues is addressed. Secondly, destination identity and image mean that the need of brand image, brand positioning, tourist’s experiences and brand awareness. Thirdly is stakeholder investment. Government, local agencies, local residents are involved in this stage. Lastly, the impl...

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...tely, tourists have to return to the mainland or overnight on the beach. This is the problems of lack of accommodations and facilities. Furthermore, the facilities in Kecil is not much and not convenience for local or tourist. There is no any bank, medical facilities or other recreational facilities. If local and tourists need to withdraw or they are not feeling well, they have to return to mainland again. These are the weakness of present tourism in Perhentian Kecil Island. Besides that, this island does not have tourist police and the new police station has only two regular policemen on duty. Below is the SWOT Analysis for Perhentian Kecil Island, it shows the strength, weakness opportunities and threats of Perhentian Kecil Island currently. As mentioned below, all weakness and threats can actually be re-branded by opportunities and the strength of this island.

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