Developing The Government E Procurement System Essay

Developing The Government E Procurement System Essay

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Developing the Government e-Procurement System in Korea
After launching GePS of Korea in 2002, it has become more important in government contracts. GePS as a central procurement system has been evaluated as successful in Korea. However, it is difficult to find successful examples developing and implementing of GePS in governments because there are many obstacles to hinder the development of GePS in many countries. Therefore, it is critical to know about factors of successful development of GePS in Korea and then make efforts to futher develop them such as the leadership of the President and the coordination for GePS.
The Leadership of the President
In 1997, Many Korean companies found themselves in the dumper during the foreign exchange crisis. International Monetary Fune (IMF) squeezed that the Korean government should do economic restructuring and labour market change. Under this circumstance, the Korean economy needed to transit from the manufacturing industry to a higher value added business based on knowledge and IT technology. In order to overcome this economic crisis, it is essential to get strong support from the President.
According to Seong and Lee (2004), “The 15th President of Korea (1998 – 2003), Kim Dae Jung, constantly expressed his special acknowledge the era of information technology and suggested venture capital as a key to overcome economic crisis. During the very early period of his term he showed his strong charismatic leadership” (pg 155, para 1). Through this strong support and direction from the President Kim, the Korean government was able to survive the financial crisis in the first stage. If there is no strong support from the President, it is difficult to set up the exact direction to ove...

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...rastructure. GePS can bring benefits by utilizing IT technology to the Korea government because it can improve efficiency, transparency and competitiveness of public contracts. It can also develop the relevant industry such as EDI, PKI and e-commerce. If there are a lot of knowledge about GePS in U.S., it would be easy to understand well about GePS in the Korea by comparing the system of the two countries. The U.S. government chooseed GePS as a government procurement system like the Korea. The U.S. government can achieve the efficiency and transparency of its bids to provide fair opportunities for SMEs by implementing GePS. The leadership of the President and the coordination for GePS is the most important elements to develop GePS in the Korea. Therefore, without these elements in the system, it is difficult to successfully implement and develop GePS in Korea.

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