Essay on Designer Who Is An Entrepreneur

Essay on Designer Who Is An Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur is someone who recognizes an opening in the market for a product or service and carries it out using initiative. Usually being innovators; entrepreneurs are risk takers in means of not knowing whether their ideas will in fact succeed (Business Dictionary, 2016). Fashion leaders are considered entrepreneurs because to be strong in the fashion industry one must attempt to stay ahead of competitors and know what is already out there as would an entrepreneur. One of Australia’s most successful fashion designers could also be considered an entrepreneur; Collette Dinnigan is an award winning fashion designer who has exhibited in London and Paris and was the first Australian to launch a ‘ready-to-wear’ collection, as well as being the first Australian to be asked by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to show in the prestigious Paris Fashion Week schedule (Collette Dinnigan, 2016).

Collette began in New South Wales when she launched her handmade, dry-clean only lace lingerie. Beginning with a show at the Alice Motel in Tamarama with models from a local Tech school Collette showcased her lingerie with handcrafted plastic dresses over the top and the models carrying water pistols. She was then receiving a high demand for her handcrafted lingerie but found that stores in Australia were not willing to buy her products as ‘dry-clean only underwear was [viewed as] not appropriate’ for the Australian market (Talking Heads, 2016). The concept came when she began by doing designs for her close friends and then saw that the demand was growing; with getting inspiration from vintage clothing and antique bric-a-brac and then began to work on a collection (MAAS, 2016). The risk of starting out on her own and not beginning as ...

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