The Design Of E Learning Content Essay

The Design Of E Learning Content Essay

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This study examined the design of e-learning content and the effects that the design of e-learning content can have on increasing knowledge and performance. The research focused on the delivery of content either asynchronous or synchronous, interactive material, and the length of e-learning content as factors of design that effect knowledge and performance. The results of this study could be used by organizations to better design e-learning content to develop its employee’s job knowledge and overall performance. Organizations considering e-learning as a training method to develop its employees could decipher the mixture of content design that accomplishes its training needs. A proper mixture of content coupled with a method to evaluate an employee’s performance following completion of the material, organizations can decide if an employee’s time invested into e-learning material amounts to higher performance on the job.
An organization should first, create e-learning content that transforms knowledge into performance. As Lim (2007) suggested “the higher online learning trainees’ learning motivation, the better learning performance and transfer performance” (p. 32). Meaning that when students are motivated to learn the material the students will be more likely to improve through the learning which will result in transferring that learning back to their job. In the case of BLC students in the Army this would mean creating an e-learning experience that students will remember regardless of the time spent between completing SSD1 e-learning material and BLC attendance. With content that directly relates to the events that soldiers will be trained on further in BLC the SSD1 content would aid in building the skills that woul...

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...iors and may help reduce conflict and lead to more realistic expectations of behaviors of learners” (p. 187). This would require the Army to determine if the more time soldier’s spend completing material amounts to higher or lower performance of tasks carried out in BLC. This could mean having lengthier content for certain material and shorter content for other material depending on the effects an individual’s time spent in the material effects their performance. Organizations could benefit from having the time spent on e-learning properly allocated across the e-learning material by having less time spent on easy tasks that do not require lengthy explanations. The suggestions previously described give organizations the potential to design e-learning content that can positively affect the organization by increasing its employee’s job knowledge and overall performance.

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