Defining The Challenges Of Leadership Essay

Defining The Challenges Of Leadership Essay

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Defining Challenges in Leadership
Leadership comes with responsibilities. Taking an organization to places it has never been, through new ideas and change, aids in building a responsible organization. Effective leaders tend to surround themselves with a group of individuals with different perspectives and not necessarily individuals like themselves. Moving into a leadership role often involves letting go of some of the assignments and responsibilities held in the past. As the leader, enable others to deliver results and complete tasks. The work may get done faster and more effective if the leader is involved, but enabling others to deliver results will lead to a more productive and cohesive team. Each individual possesses their own unique traits and abilities used to provide results for their team. Team members need confidence from their leader that allows them to accomplish goals that have been asked of them. Leaders should help create a comfortable environment for their colleagues, who in turn, enjoy coming to work each day with a positive attitude.
Leadership Relationships
Credibility Must be Earned. Earning trust and gaining the credibility of each individual is the foundation for organizational success. Credibility is earned through trust. The leader must be capable of setting attainable expectations and expectations that are individualized. Expectations for one may not be attainable for another and a strong and attentive leader hones in on strengths and weaknesses and sets goals accordingly. For people to follow someone willingly, the majority of constituents believe the leader must be honest, ...

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...tween-traditional-and-collaborative-leaders/ If a leader is aware that an individual has the tendency to withhold information from others whom will benefit in the skills and knowledge, the leader should communicate the importance of sharing the information within the organization. Productivity is at risk of loss if a leader does not maintain equality of knowledge throughout.
Commitment of Others. A leader with the commitment to complete a task can be vastly different from an individual’s commitment. A leader must be clear in communicating the outcome of the task at hand so that the individual fully understands and envisions the conclusion. A leader empowers individuals to play a role in the creation of the project therefore, committing themselves to the outcome. Collaborating with individuals and making the commitment to follow through to completion builds trust.

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