Essay Debunking the Truth Behind the Roswell Incident

Essay Debunking the Truth Behind the Roswell Incident

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Society’s captivation with extraterrestrials stems back to when the first humans looked up into the night sky and gazed upon the stars. From simple navigation, to telling stories, that very human fascination helped to build the great civilization that we are all a part of. One of the first recorded stories of flying crafts was found in Egyptian tombs, written in hieroglyphs, depicted flying chariots piloted by the gods. Ever since, civilizations, such as the Romans and Greeks have been intent with flying amongst the gods. Hundreds of years later came the modern American alien craze, which spurred shortly after the Roswell incident. This happened on a weekend night during the July Fourth holiday, when an unidentified flying object made a crash landing onto a ranch owned by William “Mac” Brazel. Since that event, the enigma behind the American UFO obsession has yet to be stifled. Many television shows and movies have portrayed their version of Roswell; there was even an infamous Indiana Jones movie based off of the crash. Currently, the Roswell Incident is a hot subject that surrounds conspiracy theorists. Most experts on the Roswell conspiracy theory claim that the incident was a giant government cover up to hide the answer of are we really alone? Since the fiftieth anniversary of the Roswell incident, many papers have been declassified about the event. For some theorists, having papers declassified about a cover up, is, in a sense, a cover up. Although the Roswell incident may be trivial amongst conspiracy theorists, there is solid proof to debunk their crazy accusations, including photographic, scientific, and testimonial evidence. The only way to stop conspiracy is when it starts. Doing this can be difficult, so information abo...

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