Paranormal Phenomenon: an Undying Attraction to Humanity

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As long as one can remember, paranormal beliefs have always existed in human society. They are living in every man’s childhood and in every corner of human’s life. From the burning belief about Santa Claus’s gifts under a Christmas’s tree in the morning to a scary game about Bloody Mary and her coming back from the dead, it seems that people cannot help but draw themselves to these stories. Even when these beliefs fade, there would be a new one that eventually shows up. No matter how much science has progressed, the belief in paranormal phenomena still remains in society. Eventually, the question about paranormal phenomena seems pale in comparison to the human’s undying belief about such things. It is really hard to pinpoint an exact cause for human’s belief in the paranormal for only one cause is not enough; however, it is sure that psychological, sociological, and biological factors play an enormous role that contributes to this belief.
The development of psychology has enabled people to link human’s mind – personality and psychological problems – with his belief in the paranormal. Every man has a distinctive personality that drives them to think and act in a certain way. For that reason, personality plays an enormous role in dictating human’s belief in mysterious things. According to scholar Carla L. Smith, human’s belief in paranormal phenomena can be predicted based on the personality constructs (85). Smith finds that people who have personality relates to Open to Experience and Sensational Seeking, two types of personality constructs, “correlate positively and significantly to belief in paranormal phenomena” (92). In fact, she records a data that shows both Openness to Experience and Sensational Seeking account for about 20...

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