Essay on The Death Of Vietnam War

Essay on The Death Of Vietnam War

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Vietnam War
The Vietnam War was a long hard fought war. There was two sides of the war, North Vietnam vs. South Vietnam and America. The war was to stop the takeover of communism. America didn 't want this to happen so they stepped in to stop it. Other countries were also involved in Vietnam they were Japan and France. Those countries were what started the hostility in Vietnam. This led to a long battle with great cost and the use of tactics.

The Vietnam War lasted from 1954 all the way to 1973. Many people were killed from both sides. On the North Vietnamese side anywhere from 400,000 thousand to one million died in the war. On the Americans side only 58,000 thousand died. Not nearly as much as the North Vietnamese. The North was trying to take over the South as you know already. The only reason America jumped in on the South Vietnamese side was to stop the uprising of communism. The Americans were scared of the Domino Theory. The Domino Theory is a theory where one falls others will fall to it and America didn 't want this to happen. If America didn 't stop the North from evading the South people said that all the neighboring countries would be under rule by the North. Making one big country all under communism. “The War is the commonly used name for the Second Indochina War, 1954-1973.” ( “ Vietnam War | HistoryNet” )

Before the war the french had control over Vietnam for a long time. Until their downfall in 1954 to a leader of Vietnam known as Ho Chi Minh. In 1954 the Geneva Accords were signed. The Geneva Accords was that the French had to pull out of Vietnam. A few moments later Vietnam was splitted into two sides North Vietnam and South Vietnam. They were split into two by the Geneva Accords, because there was two lead...

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...used tunnels or caves to get to places to fight quicker or defend. The Americans dropped napalm to burn the jungle the North was hiding in and kill them. They also dropped napalm on the North 's food to starve them. Guerilla Warfare was used by the North it was one of there best tactics to fight.

As the war ended both sides took a great toll of casualties. America did what they needed to do they stopped the spread of communism. The American failed to stop the North they ended up taking over the South. Before the war the french is what splitted the two countries up in the Geneva Accords. The cost of the war was a big deal to the americans. The US citizens didn 't think they needed to be there and they protested. Japan used Vietnam as an air force base in World War II. Both sides of the war used great tactics in battle. This ended up being a long battle for both sides.

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