The Dance Industry : An Reliable Source Of Income Essay

The Dance Industry : An Reliable Source Of Income Essay

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The dance industry continues to be highly fragmented with low market share concentration. However, its projected growth has some small businesses placing their bets on future market consolidation. When it comes to a dancer’s income, there can be a wide spectrum of their earnings. Depending on their position, there is a different outcome of payments. Unfortunately, dance professions aren’t always the most reliable sources of income, this partially because of the lack in funding. It is very common for someone in the dance industry to resort to second and even third job on the side just to make ends meet.
Dancers in theatre are typically paid between $50-$100 for each show they perform. However, in contrast, if the dancer has a contract, they can get paid up to $1,500 a week. Dancers, who are featured in music videos, can make hundreds of dollars just in a day’s worth of work. Finally, choreographers have the most reliable source for a consistent paycheck of about $35 an hour.

Dance has come a long way with technology. The form and the body will always be the most important aspect of dance. However, the advance in technology allows a secondary significance to the performance. According to Elizabeth Ashley in her article, Dance and Technology,
-Sound, light and other media forms are used only to assist the dancer who is the prime carrier of the artistic message.
Technological development challenges this view and contemporary companies are increasingly performing works which incorporate sophisticated media/technology.  Interestingly this technological frontier is a two-way street with dance companies incorporating technology while technological research incorporates dance in their exploration of motion-sensing, body mem...

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... to the Nicholas Brothers, and Michael Jackson, the world has been strongly influenced by this creative form of communication. Dance continues to be a growing industry due to its influence on the individual who appreciate it, and its evolving core. Not only does dance entertain, but also it communicates, keeps you in healthy shape, and it allows an alternative form of expression. The dance industry is reliant on funding from the government, ticket sales, and donations. The minimum amount of funds results in lower pay rates for the dancers, causing them to resort to multiple jobs. Current growth in the industry is suggested to be a result of televised dance shows as well as online tutorials. Dance will be around forever. The industry may fluctuate from time to time, but dance is something that comes naturally to us, and I personally don’t think that will ever change.

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