Eating Disorders In Dance Essay

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All types of people are affected by eating disorders. However, the highest percentages of people that obtain some form of eating disorder classify themselves as dancers. Eating disorders in dancers are commonly formed by rigorous programs, cruel teachers and choreographers, and the unreachable images and physical expectations that are established by society. Not only do eating disorders dismantle the body and destroy its health, they can also lead to the transform of a stable mind into an irrational one that believes its actions are acceptable and rational. Mental instability does not only affect choices and decisions, but can put the victim at severe risk. There is more to an eating disorder than what people think; sacrificing a healthy body …show more content…

These expectations are achieved by the different dance styles, settings, much and the overall look of the dancers. However, there are many aspects that contribute to the pleasing appearances of dance; the appearance of the dance industry rests heavily on the performers. Dancers, especially in advanced dance studios, have to have the whole collection of talent. Dancers should attractive, physically fit, strength, and be elegance. As a result of such high demands, dance companies have high standards for dancers that are selected to represent their studio. These standards cause loads of pressure that is put onto the dancers that can potentially contribute to the development of improper diets and eventually lead to eating disorders. For dancers, eating disorders are highly encouraged by teachers and even fellow dancers. It appears that the dance industry is not aware of how harmful the unhealthy eating habits dancers can attain can be to their dancers. There are many effects that come with these habits; these effects are exaggerated in dancers as they participate in intense physical activity, and must maintain high energy levels. However, high level dancers cannot maintain high energy levels if their body is not getting the proper

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