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3rd DECEMBER 2014 SYED ABBAS RIZVI 250755370 JULIE GOSSE SECTION-575(evening) KORRA DANCEWEAR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY What’s this all about? Karolina Swietoniowska, the young, youthful, educated and passionate owner of Korra dancewear has been in business, trying to live her dream of designing dancewear clothes for the past three years. Sales have been however very slow for her, given that she had other priorities to take care of, she is now looking to improve her position as a businessman and increase her scale of business and expand and grow. Capital and experience constraints have been pulling her down and she is struggling to make her mark on the market. There are other very strong competitors in the market, functioning with very different…show more content…
... There are a lot of competitors in the market selling dancewear on a much bigger scale than Karolina does right now. The three potential competitors mentioned in the case have a different distribution strategy as compared to Karolina. They sell their products through retailers and are international businesses selling across the border of Canada as well. Their scale of business is very large, selling in numerous retail stores and thus obviously producing a lot more than her, and although not stated, it is safe to assume that their revenues are way bigger than Korra Dancewear’s. The implication and analysis of this data is that the three given competitors- Ainsliewear, Mondor and Bloch cannot be considered a direct competitor to Korra Dancewear. Their scale of business, their distribution channels, their sales and the amount of capital invested by them in the business and the amount of human resource investment is huge - they have been in business for years and have tons of valuable experience over Korra Dancewear. Karolina works all alone with no proper office set up or a business plan or any dedicated retail store, so her competition is different, like the online store DANSHUZ , who just like Korra Dancewear only sell through their online

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