Curriculum Within The Victorian Education System Essay

Curriculum Within The Victorian Education System Essay

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Teachers often have to balance incorporating government issued curriculum, subject content knowledge and their schools values, ideas and beliefs within their everyday classroom
The purpose of this assignment is to critically analyse and discuss curriculum within the victorian education system, focusing on the Victorian F-10 Drama Curriculum, and applying it in a real school context, to the Strategic Plan and School Philosophy of Lyndale Secondary College.

Curriculum has many different definitions ADD. For example In 1980, David Pratt identified curriculum as “an organised set of formal educational and/or training intentions” (REFERENCE) which focuses on the formality and structure of a curriculum but neglects student experience and the outcomes of intended teaching. On the other hand, in 1966, Saylor and Alexander stated that a curriculum “Encompasses all learning opportunities provided by the school” (REFERENCE) which although identifying role of the school in providing students with the resources for learning, neglects to discuss the role of the government and the role of teachers in creating curriculum. Similarly, in 1950, Smith, Stanley and Shores identified that a curriculum “a reflection of what people think, feel believe and do” (REFERENCE) which identifies a focus on the values which are presented within a curriculum, but leaves out the concept of a formal educational setting. In a more holistic sense, curriculum can be defined as a set of learning principles, key skills and content that is created by teachers in collaboration with their school and its values, that are based on a set of formal standards for learning outlined by the government.

The Victorian curriculum F-10 is a government document which outlines th...

... middle of paper ...

...ent learning outcomes and learning growth particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy” (REFERENCE)

One of the main struggles in applying the curriculum to the strategic plan is that most of Lyndale’s strategic plan focuses on a holistic, school wide refinement in teaching and administrative developments rather than specific classroom learning (REFERENCE). This means that whilst Lyndale is actively focusing on improving the Staff’s professional development and the school’s resources, it is difficult to apply the ideas fostered in the Drama Curriculum to the Strategic Plan because there is little overlap between the two.


As a pre-service teacher looking to teach Drama in a secondary school setting, I have been able to understand the challenges of ensuring that the curriculum I am teaching matches with the school’s strategic plan and philosophy.

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