The Current State Of American Health Reforms And Why They Are Desperately Required

The Current State Of American Health Reforms And Why They Are Desperately Required

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Health is by far the most important thing for a human being, so every penny invested on it has to work. This essay is about the study of the current state of American health reforms and why they are desperately required. Unfortunately things are not that bright as they might seem, an American investing most of their money on health care is basically not getting the level of health care they deserves. With all the investment in the medical field and all the advancements of medical domains, government should be providing best health care in the world for its people.
The government must bring effective changes to the currently implemented Obama Care, collaborate with Republicans and put some real efforts for betterment of the people they represent. According to censes, over 50 million Americans remain uninsured, those who are insured, don’t get much out of what they pay for and this, in the eyes of many is the biggest reason for the fiscal gap. These figures are huge for a country like America.
Reforms are required, but proper reforms, which will suit all the parties involved, may it be individuals, employee, insurance companies or government. So we can’t just go on, pick any suggestion, look at the final outcome and forget that here we are dealing with the lives of Americans.
Health reforms are always difficult and complex to judge because we can never be sure about the outcome, there is always some uncertainty involved in getting the desired goals. Secondly the reforms must satisfy everyone who would be affected by any new changes, may it be individuals, departments, states, insurance companies, citizens or the government. Thing which will be beneficial to all the concerned, involved will bring the best outcom...

... middle of paper ... While knowing the nature of people that when you make something expensive, then people will even stop smelling it, major focus of the reforms must have been on the cost effectiveness. The penalties will force people to obtain this medical care, but a package should have been presented where people would have free choice to choose if they want this health care or not. Separate cost of insurances must have been designed for people who are with low incomes, which would have suited all. Republicans are buying this opportunity to knick at the current government and putting lights on every loophole, Obama Care holds, which is helping them have many Americans saying their words. So to ensure that this government will last for long, changes must be brought to the reforms, having focused on the lower class of people, which will very well give these reforms a better color.

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