Persuasive Essay: The United States is not The Greatest Country in The World

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The United States is not the greatest country in the world. However, for a very long time, people have believed that the United States tops the list. This is because of the classic lifestyle and technological advancements portrayed in our daily media. The United States is portrayed as a country of peace and optimum harmony. Consequently, we get the impression that United States is the best place to be. The younger generation seems to enjoy life to the fullest with almost no regrets. After all, most of us can drive a car at the age of 16; compare that to other countries at 18. We have access to pretty much whatever we need. Most adults are not constantly monitoring and hovering over their children. They have jobs and financial prosperity is huge compared to other countries. The security system of our country is depicted to be superb. In other words, nothing seems amiss. In fact, many citizens in the developing world have sought to stay in the United States with the belief that their life will be the best in the world. The search for green cards is ever increasing because of immigration. Statistics indicate that the American Embassies in most developing countries are among the busiest, which is a good thing right? Nevertheless, I believe that United States is not the greatest country. A close examination of various sectors of the country reveals that America lags behind in many aspects. Despite the established health care facilities in the United States, most citizens do not have access to proper medical care. We must appreciate from the very onset that a healthy and strong nation must have a proper health care system. Such a health system should be available and affordable to all. The cost of health services is high. In fact, the ... ... middle of paper ... ...n.d.). The Newsroom Script Episode 1 Quotes. Retrieved from: Sprung, S. (2012, June 25). 25 More Signs That America Is Not The Greatest Country On Earth. In Business Insider. Retrieved from: Snyder, M. (2011, July 5). Number One? 20 Not So Good Categories That the United States Leads the World In. In The Economic Collapse. Retrieved from: Snyder, M. (2012, March 4). USA #1? 40 Embarrassing Things That America Is The Best In The World At. In The American Dreamer. Retrieved from: archives/usa-1-40-embarrassing-things-that-america-is-the-best-
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