Essay about The Cost Of Car Sales With Brands And Types Of Cars

Essay about The Cost Of Car Sales With Brands And Types Of Cars

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Question 11.8
As part of bankruptcy restructuring, General Motors (GM) launched an ad campaign that revealed glimmers of a streamlined GM: fewer brands (Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, GMC) and fewer models within each brand. In order to properly determine the measurement of which vehicles should be continued and which should not, one would need to determine all the aspects of the vehicles to determine the best options. Cooper and Schindler state that, “measurement in research consists of assigning numbers to empirical events, objects or properties, or activities in compliance with a set of rules” (Cooper & Schindler. p. 246). This is a case where it would be important to measure the numbers of car sales with brands and types of the vehicles in question.
Measuring the Best Option
When researching the cars and the sales of such cars, several factors would need to be included. Research would need to consist of not only car sales, but also reliability of the vehicles, the safety of the vehicles, the value of the vehicles and the most cost efficient as well. One would have to determine the cost per car being manufactured and the amount of profit retained from each vehicle. Although a certain vehicle may sell more than another, if the cost to make that particular vehicle is a significant amount more than a lesser sold vehicle, then it would be imperative to determine if the profit is actually enough of a gain to not consider this vehicle as one to be dismissed. Using the optimal scale would be the easiest option to determine all such factors as it would be simple to determine the overall answer. If one area beats another area than it would move up the scale and make it simpler to determine the best in each area researched.

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...uction there are many areas to consider. Bill Williams (1993) believes that, “success is defined – as it is today – by those companies offering the greatest choice in their product categories, the best price/value relationship, the most flexibility in when, where and how a purchase can be made, and the most dependable delivery and service” (p. 129). Although there are numerous areas to consider, the most valuable areas are those areas that not only create the most profit, but also those that create happiness for the consumer. Isaiah states, “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak” (40:29, New International Version). By engaging in continuous research, the weaknesses of GM will be found in order for the corporation to strengthen. However, endured strength of the GM dealership is obtained by letting God guide them to correct decisions.

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