Ford Motor Company Business Case Study

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Ford Motor Company


This paper will address an analysis of the key success factors in strategic planning of the Ford Motor Company including planning, product offerings and marketing and sales. The paper will also include financial characteristics and a competition analysis of the Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company inspired a manufacturing revolution with its mass production assembly lines in the early 20th century. Ford and Lincoln are one of world's most well known automotive brands, most known for the Ford Mustang, and F-Series pickup trucks. Henry Ford incorporated Ford Motor Company in 1903 at Dearborn, Michigan. Ford Motor Company is known as one of the largest automobile companies in the world. (DATAMONITOR: Ford Motor Company, 2010 p. 4). Since 1980, Ford has been able to remove $5 billion from its operating cost (Brady, 1986, p. 8). The Ford Motor Company has around 181,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide using the automotive brands Ford and Lincoln (FMC Annual Report 2013, p.149).

The company is broken down into the following segments:

-Automotive Brand for Ford and For Lincoln

*Customer Assistance

-Financial Services

*Ford Motor Credit Company

-Customer Services


*Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

*Ford Parts and Motocraft

*Ford and Lincoln Accessories

*Ford and Lincoln Extended Service Plan (ESP) (FMC Annual Report 2013 p. 149).


Every successful company needs a competitive advantage. As part of our companies future they current successor team has researched various goals and strategies that will move Ford forward and allow them to be competitive in the changing market. “Ford must solve its nagging overseas problems and then "p...

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