Correlation Between Parental Involvement And Academic Success Essay

Correlation Between Parental Involvement And Academic Success Essay

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In order for a student to reach his or her potential relating to their academic career, it is important that parents have a positive influence and are involved in the schooling of their children. However, parents cannot do this important job alone, and need to work with other members of the school and community to build this partnership of support. Extensive research has been done that showcases the correlation between parental involvement and academic success, and if stakeholders are aware of this, then they will more likely be supportive and help to foster this important connection. For example, Epstein (1995) discussed parent involvement and suggested “that the home is as influential on the child 's learning as the teacher and the school” (AFT, p. 15).
One topic of communication that can be shared with school faculty relates to the challenges that the family may be facing depending on their particular situation. For example, the parents may have inconsistent routines and work schedules, children may be attending child care after school for lengthy amounts of time, and weekends may even be unstructured. In addition, many children live with both parents in two separate houses, and alternating days of residency can pose for a unique challenge in itself. In addition to varying schedules and routines, families may have difficulties with language barriers which impact their ability to become involved in their child’s education. Despite the barriers and challenges, it is still important for parents to stay involved and connected to their child’s school and academic events throughout the year.
According to a report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (2002), it is suggested that students with parents who are involved a...

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...enefits and significance of parent involvement, as well as the issues that are presented to the other stakeholders. There are multiple strategies that can be implemented by stakeholders to benefit one another. We are all on the same team and set goals for our students to learn and be successful. Not any one particular stakeholder can do this alone. We see how beneficial parent involvement can be for all stakeholders. First, all stakeholders in children 's education fare better when parents and schools work together as partners in the educational process, and parent and family involvement is crucial to student achievement. Second, a knowledge base exists upon which families and schools can build support for high levels of student achievement. Finally, effective parent and family involvement is the result of an ongoing learning process for stakeholders. (AFT,2012 p.16)

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