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  • Standardized Tests

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    secondary schools in the world today use standardized tests with only a 60% passing rate. Ankur Singh, a high school student, was ready for his Advanced Placement Classes (AP) but found that his excitement would soon turn into frustration and failing grades. Singh went into his class expecting to analyze character and themes of literature, but instead he found his entire year to be filled with 50 minute, questions based essays to prepare for the upcoming standardized tests. Rather than continuing his outstanding

  • Standardized Tests

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    Standardized Tests are not effective at measuring student achievement (“Standardized Tests Do Not” 1). They also cannot tell what your main abilities are, or what you even know. Standardized Tests are bad for the classroom because they restrict learning, force teachers to teach to the test, and they do not effectively measure students’ abilities. Standardized Tests restrict student learning in the classroom (Cole, Hulley, and Quarles 17). The teachers in a classroom cannot teach what they would like

  • Standardized Tests

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    Standardized tests are very common throughout the United States. They are used to measure students’ academic performances in school. These tests vary from state to state in all grade levels. However, these tests are believed to be biased towards those students who come from higher-class neighborhoods, simply because they have more educational resources. “The absence of standards virtually guarantees stratified resources and access to knowledge, based upon income, color of skin, and the community

  • Standardized Tests

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    the memorization of specific words that will be on the state test, not vocabulary building exercises. Educators have pep rallies that take educational time away from lesson plans and teaching in order to have the students learn cheers expressing how well they are going to do on the state test. Excess teacher and administration time is spent figuring out game plans, but not for teaching students, rather for figuring out how to increase test scores. Meanwhile, when students are truly excited about exploring

  • The Importance Of Standardized Tests And Success

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    Standardized Tests and Success The definition of success and routes to success may be different, but it is undeniable that all people want to succeed in their lives. According to Malcolm Gladwell, success is seen as an achievement coming from hidden opportunities, effort, diverse backgrounds, or culture legacy, in life. However, I believe education is one of the factors that contribute the achievement of individual. There are flaws or inequalities in the United States’ education system, and one of

  • Standardized Tests Are Ineffective

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    Standardized tests are unnecessary because they are excruciating to the minds of many innocent students. Each year, the tests get tougher and stricter until the students cannot process their own thoughts. The tests become torturous to the minds of those only starting in the world of tests. The students already battling in the war are continuing to fall deeper and deeper into the world of uncreativity and narrowness. As the walls narrow in on them, they are lost and unable to become innovative thinkers

  • standardized tests

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    Standardized tests. We’ve all heard of them. Most of us have taken them, and hopefully passed them. But how many of us really know what they are. In other words, what exactly is a “standardized test”? If you ask a hundred teachers or other members of the educational community, you might get 50 different answers. The truth is, according to a well-respected glossary of educational terms, the definition of a standardized test is “any form of test that (1) requires all test takers to answer the same

  • Standardized Testing Vs Standardized Test

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    Standardized tests are a tremendous part of most schools’ curriculum in the United States today. These tests are assessments of students’ knowledge on either one or more subjects. Standardized tests are a performance evaluation of students, teachers, and schools due to their importance. A standardized test is distinctive from other tests in two ways. One, it has common questions being answered in the same way and two, it is being scored in a consistent style allowing for comparative performance.

  • Standardized Test Speech

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    affirm the resolution that, “On balance, standardized testing is beneficial to Kindergarten through 12th grade education in the United States.” We would like to start with our three contentions. Our First Contention being; Standardized Tests helps Teachers Identify how Students are Progressing in Class, Contention Two; Standardized tests help identify strengths and weaknesses of both teachers and students, and finally our Third contention; STANDARDIZED TESTS ARE RELIABLE AND OBJECTIVE MEASURES OF STUDENT

  • Should Standardized Tests Be Mandatory?

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    Pop-quizzes, weekly tests, final exams, and semester exams are just a few things that a high school student must worry about. A standardized test is a mandatory test that students take, usually through the state in formats such as Parcc or Air. They are supposed to be based on common knowledge plus material learned in the classroom. This controversial topic is debated year after year when the students are required to take them again. Standardized tests should not remain mandatory for graduation due

  • Are Standardized Tests a Valid Measurement of Student Learning?

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    “Standardized testing is one of the most passionately debated education topics in America” (Baxter, pg. 1). They became much more prevalent after the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act mandated annual testing across the United States. Standardized tests are used to assess students and teachers, however some people object the idea that the performance on a single test is a valid measure of what a student has learned, or what their teacher has taught them. In this paper I will argue that relying solely

  • It's Time to Get Rid of Standardized Tests

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    According to the report, American students are not testing as high as other nations in the world (Duncan, 2010). There are many contributing elements that have brought America to her knees in the education system, however, the obsession with standardized testing is found to be one of the most influential downfalls. Education has always been in existence in one form or another. As each child is born into this world regardless of who or where they are born, life lessons immediately begin. He/she

  • Argumentative Essay On Standardized Tests

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    Standardized Tests Standardized tests are the only way to get a college education in this age. These tests are supposed to have universities know a student’s capability, and how they are academically performing. When the truth can be more or less what the test conveys. The biggest problem with Standardized tests is that, schools have different teachers, and teachers teach in different ways. Meaning, some information can be missed or learnt differently than what the test needs you to know it. As Michelle

  • standardized tests harmful or helpful?

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    the standardized tests you must take at the end of the year, every year, starting in third grade. You must past these tests in order to move on to the next grade, or you keep taking them until you pass. A big question many people ask is how are these tests beneficial to real life education? The student, the teachers, the principal and the school districts are all judged based on the average scores on these tests. So, if you put that into perspective, our schools are being judged based on test results

  • Standardized Tests Essay

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    Suzie Kim Standardized Tests: Are they Really Necessary? How to deliver best education to students is a question that has been debated for decades. The definition of having a “good” education may differ for many—is it receiving a satisfactory report card? Is it being accepted into an appraised university? Or is it achieving an adequate score on a nationwide standardized exam? These exams are becoming more and more popular in various nations. Colleges in the United States are gradually increasing

  • Standardized tests in Illinois

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    Standardized tests are administered to allow reliable and valid comparisons to be made among students taking the test. Two major types of standardized tests are currently in use; norm-referenced and criterion-referenced. A norm-referenced test is a test that has been given to representative samples of students such that norms of performance are established. Each student taking the test receives a score that can be compared to the norm or normal or sample of students. The scores are then reported

  • Standardized Tests Are Insufficient

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    Standardized Tests Are Insufficient *No Works Cited "Anyone involved in education should be concerned about how overemphasis on the SAT is distorting educational priorities and practices, how the test is perceived by many as unfair, and how it can have a devastating impact on the self-esteem and aspirations of young students," said University of California President Richard C. Atkinson in a speech he gives to the American Council on Education in Washington, D.C. I really didn't enjoy taking the

  • Standardized Test Measure Ability Essay

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    How Well Do You Think Standardized Test Measure Your Ability? As for me, I know that my testing skills are not the best in this world. Testing for me is like a huge anxiety attack all in the testing time given. I personally do not think that standardized testing shows everything a person is capable of doing and/or showing. From my experience of not being the brightest bulb in the package all the time, standardized testing does not always show his or her weaknesses when it comes to school

  • Standardized Tests Measure Students Abilities

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    How Well Do Standardized Tests Measure Students’ Abilities? We all have taken a standardized test at least once in our lifetime. It can be in elementary school, high school or college, such as the SAT, TOFFLE, or the NCEE. The main purpose of these tests is to identify if a student qualifies to move on to the next level of education or to prove their knowledge. Students are expected to know everything they have been taught in their courses. Overall, it’s a way of identifying who has been following

  • Standardized Tests Do Not Measure A Student's Imagination

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    intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. Standardized tests do not measure a student's imagination or creativity and therefore can not accurately measure someone's intelligence. Standardized tests are an unreliable measure of not only a student's intelligence but their creativity, motivation, integrity, honesty and so many more valuable characteristics. Being a student myself and having gone through tests such as MCAS and the PSAT, I can say that these tests generalize and limit students, and they