Essay on The Controversial Theory Of Evolution

Essay on The Controversial Theory Of Evolution

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The controversial theory of evolution is not a new theory, it was not even new to the British naturalist, Charles Darwin, as it had already been studied by ancient Greek philosophers during antiquity.  However, there is one important distinction made by Darwin and the philosophers of antiquity and that is the theory of natural selection, the most plausible method by which evolution takes place.  Other methods do exist, sexual selection, mutation, genetic drift and gene flow, however these mechanisms are rarer.  Current evolution theories vary from Darwin’s in that we are now aware of DNA and its principal role in the heritable adaptation of species.  Darwin believed natural selection of inherited variations increase an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce, creating a state for survival of the fittest.  A species can reproduce offspring that also can reproduce.  Recently it was discovered that the giraffe that is commonly referred to as a species is actually four species. 
Over time organisms change due to natural selection and genetic drift producing an adaptation within the preexisting species or a new species all together.  The logic behind this theory is that those with genes helpful for survival are more likely to produce offspring and pass those traits on, slowly resulting in a population with more of the helpful genes; however, genetic drift can cause random impact on the frequency of alleles within a population. Mutation is another factor by which change in a species may occur. It takes place when the cell copies its DNA before dividing sometimes swapping a base for another or adding or deleting a base. Although these mistakes are generally harmless they are still heritable and are passed down on to next generati...

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... layers contain vastly different organisms than we have today, while each layer closer to the surface contains more identifiable fossils.  Fossilized rock presents the complex changes that evolve over time.   Evidence I found most compelling for evolution was that, “humans still have a remnant of a gene required for producing the yolk found in a bird and reptile egg…this gene remnant was directly predicted by scientists who knew where it would be based on where it is in the chicken genome” (Biologos).  Evidence that appears to discredit evolution are unanswered questions about the human body for instance why we have an inactive gene to produce vitamin C when this presents no plausible benefit to the species. Evolution remains a theory and facts evidence shown to disprove it should always be examined, however currently there is great evidence in support of the theory.

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