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Have you ever sat down and wondered where the heck did we come from? Well if you did this is the paper for you. In this paper the amazing Darshan Aidasani will be explaining everything about evolution, so sit down, relax, and get a bowl of popcorn because this is going to be interesting. What is evolution? Evolution is the process that all living things developed from primitive organisms over billions of years ago. Up to this day know one knows exactly how evolution occurs, but there are many theories. Including, the Carolus Linnaeus theory, the Erasmus Darwin theory, the Jean-Baptiste Lamarck theory, and last but certainly not least the Charles Darwin theory. Many people are skeptic which mean they think that evolution is fake and don’t want to even hear the facts behind it, these people usually believe in creationism. In this essay I will be doing an over view of evolution.
Carolus Linnaeous was a Swedish botanist and physician. He is also known as the father of taxonomy and also known as one of the fathers of modern ecology. Later in his life, Linnaeous went to Lapland where he explored many different plants and animals. Upon, his return home, he realized he had found 100 different plants and animals. This was one of the first accounts of evolution.
Erasmus Darwin was an English physician and natural philosopher. Darwin has done many things, but the first thing he did was he translated the works of Carolus Linnaeous from Latin to English this took about 7 years. But his most important scientific work is called Zoonomia, which is a system of pathology which mostly talks about generation. He also was one of the first people to describe survival of the fittest, which is that organisms that are stronger or faster or smarter will mo...

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...he process of evolution after a lot of stages of evolution and this might not even be the last stage. Past species have also left records of their history. Fossils along with comparative anatomy of present-day organisms contribute to morphological record. By comparing the anatomies of modern and extinct species paleontologists can tell the relationship between them.
In conclusion, evolution is the process that all living things developed from primitive organisms. Also, we have still not finished evolving who knows what we would look like next and we haven’t finished evolving in maturity or some of us height. I would also like to say that before this paper I didn’t know much at all about evolution, but after this paper I know so much about evolution. Although I believe in Creationism I am not skeptic towards evolution. This concludes my very long essay on evolution.
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