Why Darwinism Is Just A Theory?

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Keith Henson a writer in evolutionary psychology once said that “Evolution acts slowly. Our psychological characteristics today are those that promoted reproductive success in the ancestral environment.” Evolution was first introduced by a naturalist by the name of Charles Darwin. Darwin had written an autobiography, at the age of 50, On the Origin of Species (1859) explaining how species evolve through time by natural selection; this theory became known as Darwinism. “Verlyn Klinkenborg, who writes editorials and vignettes on science and nature for the “New York Times”” (Muller 706) questions Darwin’s theory in one of his essays he wrote called Darwin at 200: The Ongoing Force of His Unconventional Idea. Both articles talk about the theory of Darwinism, but the authors’ use different writing techniques and were written in different time periods. Darwin himself writes to inform us on what the theory is, where as Klinkenborg goes on to explain why Darwinism is just a theory. Today, evolution is still a very controversial topic among many. It comes up in several topics that are discussed everyday such as in politics, religion and education.
Evolution in general, is a hard concept to grasp. There are multiple factors that effect the outcome a species, for example: genetics, nurture, nature, and the environment all play an important role. It was once said that species do not survive due to the fact that they are the strongest or the most intelligent, but because that species is the most responsive to change.
Charles Darwin was born in 1809 in England, he studied medicine at Edinburgh and ministry at Cambridge. He later became interested in natural history . From 1831 to 1836 he went on a cruise around the world; this sparked an int...

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...alm, in a sense that he was not trying to force you to think one way or the other, unlike Klinkenborg, where he had used a much more assertive and aggressive tone in his writing although both articles made it clear that it was up to the reader to make the decision on whether or not the idea was a conventional one or not.
In conclusion, both articles explain what Darwinism means to them. It is the authors’ personal opinion, and it is up to the reader to decide on what they are going to believe. The politics, religious views, and education of a person may have an influence on what a person decides to believe. The topic of evolution and Darwinism has always been and will always be very controversial. In the end, though both Charles Darwin and Verlyn Klinkenborg have one thing in common, that is Darwinism is just a theory as of right now, and it may always be a theory.

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  • Explains that evolution was first introduced by charles darwin in his autobiography, on the origin of species. verlyn klinkenborg questions darwin's theory in one of his essays.
  • Explains that evolution is a hard concept to grasp. genetics, nurture, nature, and the environment all play an important role.
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