Argumentative Essay On Creation Vs Evolution

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Creation Vs Evolution “The greatest mystery of existence is existence itself” (Chopra). Chopra, a world-renowned author, perceives the existence of life as a truly mystifying cerebration. The pending question that many scientist, and even theists, attempt to answer is how life ultimately began. Currently, the mystery is left with two propositions, evolution and creation. While both approaches attempt to answer the origins of life, evolution and creation are two contrasting concepts. Evolution views life to be a process by which organisms diversified from earlier forms whereas creation illustrates that life was created by a supernatural being. Creation and evolution both agree on the existence of microevolution and the resemblance of apes and humans but vary in terms of interpreting the origins of the life through a historical standpoint. A concept known as Faith Vs Fact comprehensively summarizes the tone of this debate, which leads the question of how life began. While creation represents a religious understanding of life, evolution…show more content…
For instance, it is clear between both creation and evolution that an intelligent creator cannot be proven or denied. In a scientific aspect, the existence of an intelligent designer cannot be denied, due to the lack of evidence that contradicts otherwise. On the other hand, creationists cannot prove the existence of an intelligent designer but indefinitely believes through a concept called faith. In addition, both concepts agree that microevolution occurs. For example, since the arrival of sparrows to North America, mutations have occurred from different locations. The northern sparrows have adapted to a larger body than the southern sparrows, in order to survive lower temperatures. Along with these similarities, evolution and creation both acknowledges that apes and humans show

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