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Necessity is a key factor in determining demand. With the increase in inventions and innovations, it was realize that if a new product had to be sold, then it had to be glorified and exemplified so that people would understand its purpose and feel the need for it. This gave birth to advertising. Advertisings sole purpose is to create a sense of desire for things that are actually not essential. Previously in the eighteenth century and the first half of twentieth century posters were the main form of advertisement, gradually advertisements spread to newspapers, billboards, radio and eventually to television. It was not until 1930’s that television was considered to be used for advertisement and in 1941 the first television advertisement was achieved by ‘Bulova’ a watch company (Northrup, 2013). Television commercials are now considered the most dominating form of advertisement. Marketing is considered a key strategy in making any product successful because it links the producer with the consumer. Advertising is the most dominant factor of marketing and is a multibillion dollar business. Aggressive marketing and explicit advertising is now the new strategy in capturing the demand for products. According to the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, “sex and violence are found frequently in promotional materials because they are believed to lead to increased excitement and interest” (2012). The illicit use of advertising by using sex, violence and immorality as a key strategy in luring customers to buy products is a fraudulent approach by the advertising industry. Advertising has now become a part of every person’s life, as no eye or ear could be refrained from it. It is imperative that governments and responsible authority ho...

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