Considering The Objectives Of Marketing And Communication Essay

Considering The Objectives Of Marketing And Communication Essay

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The aim of this project is to highlight the product by considering the objectives of marketing and communication. Sports shoes are the most common shoes used as regular basis. These kinds of shoes are meant for running, exercise, walking .Sports shoes are commonly known as: running shoes and athletic shoes. Due to a great competition in the market of Sports shoes, Marketers are providing modified sports shoes as per requirements of customers.

This project concentrates on the Nike Sports shoe; Nike is one of most significant shoe manufacturing company worldwide. Sportswear manufactured by Nike is known for quality and is most liked brand of athletes. (Daniel, 2011)
The features of the shoes say everything. Sportswear by of this company is:
Light in weight;
Quality of shoe increases the life of product;
Comfort provided is much more than other shoe;
Designed to satisfy the athletes and other consumers;
Due to this, Nike shoe is gaining huge acceptance by consumers. (Daniel, 2011)
I am also influenced by Nike shoe. The reason for my influence on Nike product is the company commitment. Therefore, I believe that before introducing a product in a market, the various segments of marketing department do extensive research to fulfil the marketing and communication objectives. I am satisfied with the Nike sportswear as lots of customers are. So I can say that Nike almost accomplished their predetermined goals.
Target Audience
According to me, almost every individual would like to associate with Nike’s sports shoes. Particularly the sportsperson today prefer Nike’s shoes because it is comfortable to wear and are light weight. Apart from them, youth nowadays is the main target audience of Nike as they are always in t...

... middle of paper ...

...motivate the customer, so that they should not feel any cognitive dissonance after buying their product and keep on buying their products where Nike is successful in satisfying their customers and keeping the excitement alive for buying more. (MichaelSam85, 2011)

Overall, I can say that Nike shoe becomes the first choice of everyone these days. Though there were some issues regarding its product initially but due to their innovation tactics, marketing and communication objectives they solved it and are now one of the top brands in sports Shoe Company. Due to well determined and organised objective of marketing and communication, Nike remains firm in the competition and always provides quality products to its customers. As a result of optimum utilisation of advertising, goals and feedback, Nike Sportswear is succeeding by satisfying their customers.

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