Essay about The Conflict of Prostitution

Essay about The Conflict of Prostitution

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You’re skimming through the “for sale” ads online, just wasting time in hopes to find something that will fulfill your every need. You skim across an ad that offers whatever you want, all you have to do is pay the right price. Would you do it? Would you pay? Do you think twice? Because that’s exactly what happens every day when men and women seek sexual favors. It starts with a want, and ends with a dollar sign. It’s prostitution. In today’s society, the debatable conflict of prostitution definitely affects individuals in a negative way; however, there are positive aspects to such an issue as well.
To begin, prostitution is known as one of the oldest professions, and it dates as far back as 2400 BCE (Sexton and Cushman, Web). No one can pinpoint the origin, but is it really expected? Obviously, people have been sexually active for all of our existence. This is known because we are sitting here right now. Prostitution is treated differently everywhere in the world, and it continues to change as the times change. As more and more time passes, people become reluctant to the idea of prostitution, but back in the day they were all for it. For example, Greek literature references prostitutes continuously. One type of prostitute in the Greeks writings was called Hetaera which was an educated prostitute who was able to live dual lives. One life as a regular citizen and another as a prostitute, yet both of her lives were completely acceptable in these times. According to tradition brothels, places where prostitution was held, were “government-supported” and prostitution was an acceptable job in the the Greek era (Head, Web). In previous times sex was used as a form of payment and now sex is seen as a sign of affection.
Although prostitutio...

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...p. In today’s society, the debatable conflict of prostitution definitely affects individuals in a negative way; however, there are positive aspects to such an issue as well.

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