Persuasive Essay On Sex Trafficking

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Sex trafficking is a human right issue which breaks the slavery violation in the UDHR. It 's going on in many countries like Thailand and is happening to young children. This should be stopped because its inhuman and no child or person should have to go through it.
Sex trafficking is when women, young girls, and young boys are held in slavery and forced into prostitution for the financial gain of others in brothels in the United States, Europe, and other developing countries such as Thailand and the Philippines (Sexual Slavery). It’s happened to many women and children throughout many years in many of these countries for money and more power. Often purchased or kidnapped off the street, women, girls, and boys are trafficked across international
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Sex trafficking accounts for more than 70 percent of all trafficking, or as many as 19 million people (Behnke 30). Which is a lot of people that have had to go through this traumatic experience at any age they were during that time and they don’t have no choice. There are a number of reasons why children and adolescents become prostitutes. In some cases, parents are in such extreme conditions of poverty that they see the sale of the child as the only way of ensuring its survival. (Hobbs). So most of the kids that are being forced into prostitution because they want their families to have a better life and make more money so they feel like it’s their only option. Sex trafficking and prostitution have always been a part of Thailand’s history, however, the Vietnam War contributed to an explosion of the issue between 1955 and 1975. With an influx of anxious, homesick, and bored soldiers into the country, spilling over from Vietnam, the demand for prostitution skyrocketed, resulting in the growth of the human trafficking industry which still remains today.
The influx in human trafficking during this time, combined with a historical view of women as inferior, has led to the cultural acceptance of
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Siri is a young girl who was sold into sex trafficking but after a while got help and started to tell her story. Siri was born in northeastern Thailand to a poor family that farms a small plot of land, barely eking out a living (Leuchtag).
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