The Conflict Between China And Philippines Essays

The Conflict Between China And Philippines Essays

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Arguments lead to conflict, conflicts wages battles and battles may result to wars. Whenever something is worth fighting for, one does not simply backs out without a fight. Of all the island in the Philippines, Scarborough shoal can be considered as the most intriguing property of the country. It is said to be claim to the Philippines but China also claims it as theirs. Scarborough shoal is located at the west of Zambales, Mindanao. China refers to it as the Huangyan Island while Philippines called it Panatag Shoal. It is said to be a very reliable sources of fossil fuel and many important minerals to the conflict between China and Philippines.

The conflict mainly focuses on which country should be claiming the island. Many evidences of ownership were stated and debates went over, but there is still no guarantee of naming the owner of the island. Golez, a very reliable source of information, said that China has been doing illegal and inappropriate strategies. Knowing that Philippines lacks warships, China has sent some of theirs in the perimeter area of Scarborough Shoal when the issue of ownership started. Chinese fishermen were also seen trespassing and stealing some charcoals and specimens in the said Island. Because of their actions, Philippines started to question why do China uses force to take over Scarborough Shoal. Philippines has the advantage of winning Scarborough Shoal without taking any casualties by taking delicate actions and decisions. One possibility, of China using force, is there were some difficulty stating their ideas thoroughly even though the Philippines is having a dilemma if they were true or just hoaxes. Golez quoted, (2012) “If we say yes to something we believe is wrong, what guarantee is there that...

... middle of paper ... as theirs and never included it on any of their old maps. It was also proven by law that considering the fact that the island is 800 miles away from China, it is already out of their area of responsibility, even if it is considered as a part of the South China Sea. Furthermore, numerous ancient maps, made by Filipino and westerners’ way back from 1636 to 1940 consistently showed that Scarborough Shoal has always been a part of Philippines’s territory. In contrast, the Spaniards and Americans extensively surveyed Scarborough Shoal during their colonial times in the Philippines. China has no historical link whatsoever to the Scarborough shoal. (Carpio) 2014. China’s rusty evidence was considered as

Scarborough Shoal: A battle for ownership

frauds since then. Their deception of ideas has come to an end, but they still insist to take Scarborough Shoal by force.

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