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Conflict And Resolution Within A Work Group Essay example

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Effective communications is defined as the successful exchange of information between individuals. An effective communicator is successful in establishing an active two-way link with another individual or group. When people work in groups, there are two quite separate issues involved. The first is the task and the problems involved in getting the job done. The second is the process of the group work itself: the mechanisms by which the group acts as a unit. Without due attention to this process the value of the group can be diminished or even destroyed; yet with a little explicit management of the process, it can enhance the worth of the group to be many times the sum of the worth of its individuals. It is this synergy which makes group work attractive in corporate organization despite the possible problems (and time spent) in group formation (Blair, 2015).

Conflict and Causes of Conflicts
Conflict is any situation in which individuals or groups do not agree. Individuals or groups have different ideas, interest or goals and can not compromise because the opposing parties have strong beliefs that they are very different from each other. People have different views on many different subjects; therefore, when interests are threatened, conflicts arise. There are two types of conflicts: positive conflicts and negative conflicts. A positive conflict is where the outcome of the conflict results in a positive solution. If the conflict creates better decisions, develops shared ideas, and personal growth and change, it is considered to be a positive conflict. Negative conflict is where the outcome of the conflict creates a destructive result. If the conflict creates unresolved anger, personality clashes, low self esteem or low ...

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...rson chooses the way the encoded message is to be transmitted or channeled to the other person or group. This can be done by various ways, such as, face-to-face, written, or electronic mail, just to touch on a few. Upon receiving the message the receiver has the option to provide feedback to the source. Feedback is a fundamental part of the communication process. It is important to realize how critical feedback can be and how it can overcome difficulties when communicating. The group process must be planned, monitored and reviewed just like any other managed process (Blair, 2015).


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