The Importance of Group Work in Today's Organizations

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The Importance of Group Work in Today's Organizations It could be argued that in order to be successful, modern organisations must actively develop strong and cohesive work groups. Why? Is it true that there is no room for the individualist in today’s organisation? The rapid progression and improvement in information and communication technology has led to modern organisation finding new ways to work. One of these innovation ways is using work group. More organisations are now becoming global than ever, which means they rely on distributed teams to carry out certain tasks (Nedelko, Z, 2007). Although now a days most jobs require a degree of individual and group work and it is left to the management to identify which method might be appropriate for the task (Belbin, M, 2007). In this essay I will be looking at how organisation can use work group to their advantage, and the different factors that can affect a work group’s performance. In addition, I will also be discussing when is it appropriate to use work group and individual, and discus whether an organisation can reply solely on work group to be for it to be successful. A group can be define as ‘any number of people who (1) interact with one another; (2) are psychologically aware of one another and (3) perceive themselves to be a group’ (Mullins, L, 2007, p.299). Certain task can only be performed by combined effort of a group. Organisation can use groups to carry out projects, which will help to achieve its overall aim. However, for the group to be successful they must understand what is expected of them and have the right skill to complete the task. . (Mullins, L, 2006) A group need members who possess diversity of skills. A company should have workforce that ... ... middle of paper ... ...essful they need to identify when it is appropriate to use work group and individual to carry out the task. Bibliography Books Brooks, I. (2005) Organisational Behaviour, 3rd Ed, Great Britain, Pearson Education Mullins, L. (2007) Management and Organisational Behaviour, 8th Ed, Great Britain, FT Prentice Hall Mullins, L. (2006) Essential of Organisation Behaviour, Great Britain, FT Prentice Hall E-journals Belbin, M. (2007) Managing through empowerment: Getting the most out of teamwork Day, The Daily Telegraph, 11, p.004 Carte, T, et al. (2006) Emergent Leadership in Self-managed Virtual Teams: A Longitudinal Concentrated and shared Leadership Behaviour, Group Decision and Negotiation, 15(4), p.323-343 Nedelko, Z. (2007) Videoconferencing in Virtual Teams, The Business Review, 7(1) p.164-170

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