Conflict In The Workplace Case Study

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Conflict exists in every organization as a result of incompatible needs, goals, and objectives of two people while aligning to the overall business requirements. Though disagreement is linked with negative impact, the approach has healthy considerations (Leung, 2008). For instance, some conflicts create an avenue for the exchange of ideas and creativity to meet the set organizational purposes. However, damaging disagreement in organizations results in employee dissatisfaction, turnover, and poor services and reduced productivity. The paper establishes different types of interpersonal conflict and key resolution strategies used to address the problem. Human resource managers need to have the capacity to identify different levels of conflicts and the best methods to negate them.
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In reality, most employees pretend to be non-assertive, let others make decisions but remain resentful to a resolution reached. Despite allowing the top management makes a vital decision on the conflict most team members remain aggressive. They use their powers to pass a clear stand that the autocratic interventions are non-satisfactory.
Baillien et al. (2011) suggest that with non-participatory opportunities limited the violent group, damage rapport with others, and losses trustworthiness of their role in achieving organization plans. Therefore, having a clear understanding of conflict sources creates a sense of assertiveness. Individuals stand for their needs as they respect those of others. Thus a mutual rapport exists where a team is the major driving force for an organization. A win-to-win policy becomes an easy way to reestablish the conflict and best ways to solve

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