The Concept Of Patient Participation Essay

The Concept Of Patient Participation Essay

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Patient participation has been poorly defined especially in nursing practice due to lack of freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity in health care (Sahlsten, Larsson, Sjostrom, & Plos, 2008). The concept of patient participation plays an important role in health care nationally and globally. The meaning of patient participation varies greatly based on individual patient and nurse’s perception. This concept analysis it to gain clarity through Walker and Avant concept analysis method by identifying and presenting the purpose, attributes, model case, antecedents, consequences and empirical referents of the concepts.
The definition of aims of analysis is having intention to identify and further list the attributes of an analysis (Soanes & Stevenson, 2004). The aims of this analysis is to seek better definition and understanding of the complexed patient participation concept (Sahlsten et al., 2008). It is also to enhance the outcome of health care and to increase patient satisfaction, therefore reduction in stress, anxiety, and increase in comfort. The analysis focuses on the nursing role in this concept in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience. It is important to explore this concept, because it provides the foundation of the therapeutic partnerships, it enhances the knowledge, communication, and critical thinking.
The definitions of participation were explored through several dictionaries such as Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Online, Oxford Reference Online, and (Sahlsten et al., 2008). For example, per Concise Oxford English Dictionary, the origination of the word participation came from Latin participare, it means to take part in (Soanes & Stevenson, 2004). The term participation has been...

... middle of paper ... care is no longer the expected practice. Patient participation is well known to reduce stress and anxiety, increase motivation and satisfaction. Several theories align with the concept such as Pender’s Health Promotion Model, Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort, and Expectancy Theory. These theories all encourage patient participation in their own health care process. The concept analysis provides guidelines for nursing language development and to enhance the outcome of the evidence-based nursing practice. The elements of the defined attributes of this concept analysis are easily understood and provides clear understanding in assisting the in depth understanding of patient participation concept. Patient participation concept will assist members of the health care team, including helping the patient to gain further understanding and also the team to work more effectively.

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