Communication Strategies Support Inclusive Student Participation And Engagement

Communication Strategies Support Inclusive Student Participation And Engagement

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During this semester in the course human development and learning, the class has been learning about a range of ways that children develop and learn. This also develops the understanding of the human growth process in terms of different learning styles and what teaching strategies can be used. Learning about a child’s learning in primary school is vital in being able to successfully develop a range of strategies to benefit both student and teachers learning. Communication strategies to support learning, strategies to support inclusive student participation and engagement in learning, and organisation of the classroom and providing directions to learners managing challenging behaviour are all significantly important to uphold in the classroom for an effective and safe learning environment. Being able to communicate effectively as a teacher to support student learning allows the student to feel comfortable in the schooling environment and having a good relationship with their teacher will allow the student to want to do work in class in order to make the teacher proud. Strategies to support inclusive student participation and engagement in learning allow the teacher to help students who struggle to become involved in class and who struggle to engage in the learning material. Finally, organisation of the classroom and providing directions to learners managing challenging behaviour is highly important to create a positive and creative workspace that allows students to want to learn and to reduce bullying in the class.

The information that was given in this course was valuable and can be applied into the classroom when I become a primary school teacher.

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...l) etc. then this teacher may use this strategy in their classroom as it’s what they feel comfortable with and may be a good classroom management strategy. Effective classroom management comes down to how well the teacher is. An effective teacher pushes their students to learn, maintains an orderly class, always there to provide help for students, uses a variety of teaching techniques e.g. group work, fun activities, worksheets, and makes effort to get to know the students on an academic and personal level. Being in a positive loving classroom environment will reduce bullying as the students will not feel the need to bully other students as they are enjoying learning and hopefully the teacher has taught the students previously about bullying and the effects of such. A classroom supports both learning and organisation is significant in becoming a successful teacher.

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