Inclusion In Education Essay

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Inclusion in Education Looking at inclusion in education, the main aspect to look at is the question, "What is inclusion?" Inclusion secures opportunities for students with disabilities to learn alongside their non-disabled peers in general education classrooms. For decades, the argument about whether or not there should be inclusion in education has not come to an end. Some may say that inclusion gives disabled children the chance to interact socially with normal kids. However, that is not true. Understanding the issues and ramifications such as tolerance, behavior, the academic gap, and teacher 's experience prior to undertaking such a restructuring effort is essential. Two documentaries give us an idea of what is really…show more content…
This can become a problem when these students are in traditional educational settings. They can become a distraction for students that do not have these issues, and can take the teacher 's attention away from the needs of the rest of the classroom. This means that behavioral issues with special needs children can be difficult to address effectively when they are placed in traditional educational settings. In reality, it is evident, in both Sean 's and Peter 's cases, that their behavior is effecting the classroom. From choking kids to throwing stuff around the room, it is an aspect that regular education teachers are not equipped to deal…show more content…
Often, teachers feel stressed and anxious with the presences of disabled students, which results with problems in the educational process for both groups, but especially for the children, and it causes distractions and losses of attention. Inclusion is not only setting the rest of the class backward, but it is also hurting the disabled children 's self-esteem as well as their education. This essay has shown that inclusion should not be a part of regular classrooms and that disabled children should be in a more stabilized, safe, and prepared environment to thrive at their own pace and in their own
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