The Importance Of Inclusion In The Classroom

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The inclusive classroom is a setting in which students both disabled and non-disabled take part in regular classes. This method of inclusion views children with disabilities as people who are participants and members of their schools and communities. The issue of inclusion is overwhelmingly debated, but most advocates believe that attending regular classes and spending time in standard classroom settings, can help children in the areas of academic performance and social interaction (Graves, Lamport & Ward, 2012). This will make students with disabilities better equipped to handle the world throughout their adult years enabling them to become better citizens. Therefore, through professional teaching, education can be a powerful tool to unify…show more content…
For the positives of inclusion to become reality the teachers will need to know how to create the environment that leads to the social and academic success that research says is possible. The underlying key to creating this success is preparation. Learning in the classroom requires a constructive environment with the least disruptions possible. Therefore, the goal is to stop negative behavior as much as possible. The way for this is for teachers to be trained and prepared to manage these behaviors. It is essential that teachers are trained in the skills and strategies to support behavior management in the classroom as well as the ability to differentiate instruction for students with special needs (Graves, Lamport & Ward, 2012). This importance on classroom management is so vital that it may require considering the correct teacher when recruiting the classroom for the students with disabilities. This way the classroom teacher is the correct one of the position and will be most likely able to handle the new classroom management needs. Teacher training should enable them to know the proper techniques and strategies for their classroom management to create the positive environment for all students. The teacher also needs to be in contact with the teacher helper in order that the disabled student’s needs are being met and that the rest of the students are in no way uneasy. Through proper training and techniques the teacher should be able to construct a classroom setting that is inclusive and can foster the academics and social aspects of the school system. For inclusion to be successful, it is important to provide educators with training, planning time with their co-teacher, and adequate resources to meet the needs of students. When all these teaching requirements are met, teachers are then fully prepared to make the inclusion model yield positive
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