College Is A Place For Learning And Fun Essay

College Is A Place For Learning And Fun Essay

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College is a place for learning and fun. More of an emphasis on fun. When you 're in high school, there are multiple colleges that you can choose from. That is, if you are a good student or not. Getting a scholarship is not the only thing that is looked for to get into college. There is that fun factor, that can always be overlooked. College should be a place that you can be comfortable in, where you can hang out with your friends when school gets too stressful. Not going to lie to you, academics are still important, but the fun factor should not be forgotten. As a personal statement, I think a freshmen college student, or a high school graduate, should account for his or her academic interests, but to also consider extracurricular activities and life experiences that will benefit the college community.
First, we have the academic interests of my personal statement. These are really easy to go over because you just have to know what you want to do. If you want to be a scientist, you should probably take as many science classes as you can. And don’t forget that math is always an important factor of academics. Without math, the world as we know it would have never existed. Plus, you practically can’t do any science without math. Sure, you can observe and see what happens to a sponge when you through it in water, but how will you be capable of balancing out chemical equations by throwing a sponge. Math is a crucial part of academics. English, or Literature, whichever you want to call it, can be overlooked. Just remember; if your boss uses a big word that you have never heard before, the blame is on you. However, if you really do not care about what Shakespeare has to offer, or any other famous literature, that’s fine. It’s a freedo...

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...riences, extracurricular activities, and academic interests should all be looked as something fun. Someone’s academic interests is what drives them to become what they want to be. It will obviously help the college as well, to have an ambitious symbol to guide other students to. The extracurricular activities that students do are also important to a college as well. The better stars they get, the more students they get, the more money they get. It’s okay to strategically plan that. Finally, the life experiences that college students have is extremely important. If you quarantine them off from the world because of all the homework they have, they are not going to suggest that college to their friends. That means less money and publicity. It is all about the community that you grow in a college that makes the college worth while, and the college then benefits from that.

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