College Essay: Is College Worth It?

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For the past few months I have been attending college as a first year, but recently I have started to ask myself is college really worth it? Or is there a better alternative other than going on the traditional path to college? Furthermore if there are alternative path instead of attending college, why aren’t we taking them? In many situations we do have the option of acquiring special licenses and certifications that can get us the careers we desire, but without the need to attend college, but if we can do things like getting licenses and certificates then why do most of us choose to go to college knowing that there is a better option? Even more, a better option that will probably not cost you as much in the long run. Yet millions upon millions of students make the choice of going to college every year, for this I ask why? Looking through the article and looking at student’s current predicament, we first ask the big question “is college worth it?” Well, coming up as a kid I was told about the greatness of college by my parents. I like many kids was raised…show more content…
Over time did we change college from a place of education to better ourselves, into just another step we must pass to get that new job? If so shouldn’t we at least put some effort into it? In the article college is not a commodity, it says “If we are going to treat college as a commodity, and an expensive one at that, we should at least grasp the essence of its economic nature. Unlike a car, college requires the “buyer” to do most of the work to obtain its value.”(Rawlings)by this the author is stating that even if we are treating college as a commodity, we should at least put some effort into getting the degree we paid for by participating and learning instead of just scraping by with doing the bare minimum. Because whether we like it or not, we are paying for higher education, even if it’s only to get to a new job, it should still be taken

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