College: Why Am I Going To College

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Why am I going to PCC? That’s because I want to get degree to get a job. However, I am not sure what I want to be in the future. Am I wasting my time in college? Hopefully not. I still have a couple terms to consider what I want to do. I feel lucky to be in the college in the U.S. If I were in japan and going to Japanese college, I would have had to decide the major before I go to college and take an entering exam which is really hard. On the other hand, college in the U.S. let students enter without deciding the major, and students still have time to think about the future with taking classes. It is interesting how different system we have in each country, yet I also have a demerit to attend college in not my country. That is extremely expensive…show more content…
For those people who have no purpose, college is just a place they waste their money, but for students who have purpose; like to be a doctor, teacher, engineer, and etc. Those students need to attend school to cultivate specific skill for the future. If they can make benefit from learning to their future, it is worth it going to school and being educated. According to McArdle, student loans is an “investment in yourself.” If students investigate for and success in their life, that is great achievement. If a student become a doctor, he or she must have more than enough money to pay back the debt. Also, college is the place to learn or prepare for job. When I asked my friend why he is studying at college, he answered because he wants to be a dentist. He told me that in order to be a dentist, he needs to finish college and university, and after that he has to go to dental school. In this case, he is learning because he needs specific area of skill for his job, so he gets education to get job. In my opinion, college is the place where students progress for what they want to be and at the same time they have to learn whatever they need for themselves to get a job, so they have enough time to prepare for their
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