Essay about College Education : Is It Really Necessary?

Essay about College Education : Is It Really Necessary?

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College Education: Is it really necessary?
A college education has been linked to the American Dream. The American Dream consists of accomplishing dreams and success in the United States. Society has established an emphasis that a college degree will lead to economic and social happiness, but it is important to take a step back and realize that a college degree is not the only way to achieve success and accomplish the American Dream. This socially constructed norm has considered students as disappointments when they choose to not pursue or realized that a college path is not for them. Even though a college education is believed by all as an essential part to an individual’s success, it is not entirely the path to everyone’s success. There are going to be students who are not going to want or be able to pursue a college education, and for those, instead of labeling as automatic failures, there needs to be promoting of alternative routes. A college education is a privilege not a necessity, it will not determine if a person success or failure.
To begin with, a college education is believed necessary for economic success. Having a high paying career has always been correlated with a college education. Over 20 years ago that belief would have been held true, but in today’s economy, having a college degree does not guarantee a high salary job. Working for a construction company, I saw firsthand that a college degree does not guarantee a job. In the construction company there were two construction managers, one with an engineer degree and the other just with certification in construction and experience in the construction field. When it came time to lay off staff, the first to go was the construction manager with the engineer deg...

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...n their vocational career.
A college education is not necessary to be a productive individual in society. College is costly not only financially but timely. It is an experience that should not be forced if it is not the fitting thing for the student. Competition in the market has become fierce; the proportion of individuals seeking jobs in the market has increased especially since our country has experienced an economic downfall. We must no longer look down upon vocational careers but rather embrace them in order to encourage recent high school graduates to pursue in that direction. As a mention earlier, college degree is a privilege not a necessity in our society and we need to remove the norm that a college degree is the only way to be successful. We must embrace and guide those who choose to take another path, to assure they end up where they want to be in life.

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