Should The Obama Generation Drop Out?

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Education in the United States

It is the American dream to get out of high school and to start working towards your degree, right? Perusing a degree in the United States is not as dream like for some students. Many factors such as the learning environment, where you come from, and the knowledge and will power can shape how the higher education experience can go. While not all of these factors necessarily point to a rough or tough college experience, but also show that we as a nation could help our students be more educated and prepared to pursue and finish a degree. All students should be given equal opportunity and tools to become a successful member of society.
In “Should the Obama Generation Drop Out?” Charles Murray talks about how a college degree now days, is looked at higher than it should be when it comes to meeting the qualifications for a job. Most jobs that pay over minimum wage will require you to have a college degree, making it very difficult for people that either can’t afford it or do not believe in it, to get a reliable well paying job. Like Barack Obama said “It’s what you can do that should count when you apply for a job, not where you learned to do it”(Murray 97); a large amount of people have the skills for a job but do not have the degree to show for, making them not qualified for the job. Companies will not even give you an interview if your resume does not have any type of degree on it. That situation makes life very unfair for multiple individuals. There should be some kind of certification test for applicant to take to see if he or she meets the skills needed for the job. The benefits of discarding the bachelor’s degree as a job qualification would be huge for both employers and job applicants. Therefo...

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...cott went on to graduate and learned in his own way what an education in entrepreneurship should include. First you should always make yourself valuable, learn different skills that will make you useful in multiple ways. Then, you should always take risks, even if you’re failing most of the time, in every try you learn something new. Third, is finding the action, move and find what you’re looking for. Attack luck, you aren’t always lucky, but the more you look for it the more you’ll find it. One of the most important things is to conquer your fears, step out of you comfort zone. To write simply so any audience can relate to it is very useful for and entrepreneur. And last but not least, to learn persuasion in all its forms. Although, Scott’s college professors taught him a lot about being an entrepreneur, he values highly everything he learned from his experiences.
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