Cognitive Intelligence : Iq And Emotional Intelligence Essay

Cognitive Intelligence : Iq And Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Cognitive intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are both two differentiating types of intelligence that can both be used to enhance one’s overall intelligence level. IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a number derived from a standardized intelligence test and EQ, or emotional quotient, is a measure of a person 's level of emotional intelligence (Cherry, 2015). Originally, IQ tests were calculated and found by dividing one’s mental age by his or her chronological age and then multiplying by 100. In modern time, IQ scores are now calculated by comparing one’s score to other people in the same group as them (Cherry et. al., 2015). A person’s EQ is determined by a person’s ability to “perceive, control, evaluate, and express emotions”. First attempt to find out how and why individuals in Western societies differ from one another in mental abilities started with Francis Galton (Dewall. Myers, 2015). Galton was an English scientist who had a fascination in measuring human traits. Galton pondered if “natural ability” can be measured to encourage those of high ability to mate with one another (Dewall. Myers, et. al., 2015). At a London Health Exhibition, Galton conducted an experiment with 10,000 visitors, while assessing their “intellectual strengths” based off their reaction time, sensory acuity, muscular power, and body proportions. His experimented didn’t have any correlation with his measures, but he provided psychology with “statistical techniques” that the psychologists still use today. Even though people’s IQ’s were usually seen as a determinant for success, EQ has had a strong impact on a plethora of areas and has become a more reliable source to indicate one’s success.
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...Q can help one be accepted into their number one college, help with obtaining scholarships, help businesses become stable financially and help them compete against other companies in their field. But, to be accepted into that number one school one must write a few essays that are normally for the admissions review. During that review they are seeing (through ones’ essay) if they are socially capable of attending their college. To attain a scholarship, one must write an essay that has to be emotionally and intelligently different from the millions of other students that are also trying to get that same scholarship. Lastly, to acquire a job, ones’ personality has to be able to fit with that business. Concluding, emotional intelligence (EQ) is a major determinate for life success. It is a complex array of requirements for a person to progress and succeed in life.

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