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Cognitive Growth and Language Development -- A discussion of Jack’s cognitive development can be started in the foundations of Piaget’s preoperational thinking. Piaget lists the significant advances made in language development at this stage. As well, Jack is applying symbolic function which allows him to express his thoughts beyond just repeating what he hears, now his words stand for something that cannot be seen. At this place of preoperational thinking, children can make up a story. Jack is still unable to use rational logic like he will when he reaches Piaget’s stage of concrete operational thought. The day care staff inform Kimberly he is able to identify and categorize objects and when helped by the day care staff, demonstrated the ability to learn and speak new categories of words.
Although Jack shows the ability to understand spoken words, he is still working on mastering basic phonemes, morphemes, and semantics. It is expected Jack will moving on from using holophrases, or single words that express the meaning of several to using telegraphic speech where several words are used, specifically the most important words to express the child’s message. It is also noted Jack is able to identify animals, showing his style to be more referential than expressive. It is also expected Jack begin to show a significant growth in the number of words he is able to learn by the age of three as well as showing the ability to follow correct grammar. There are several theories that attempt to explain how Jack may be gaining his language skills; B.F. Skinner’s learning theory, Naoam Chomsky’s nativist approach, and the interactionist perspective which is a blend of the two. The interactionist perspective recognizes a person is gen...

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...need for the daycare to encourage Jack to engage with the other children in play groups and for his parents to learn how they can help him build upon his new learning. Vygotsky’s theory is widely respected and emphasizes the need for social learning environment.
The study of toddler Jack is multi-faceted. Consideration is given to the biopsychosocial developmental processes considering the impact of heredity and environment on Jacks physical, cognitive, and social processes. Theories were identified and discussed for their application and assessment of risk factors as well as recommended interventions to aid in Jack’s development. The concepts applied to Jack’s case represent different degrees on the nature versus nurture continuum. All the theories offer practical application to help Kimberly and Brandon foster their son’s growth and development.

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