Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory

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Jean Piaget The father of the cognitive epistemology is Jean Piaget. This men born in Switzerland in 1896 and die on 1980. His parents were Arthur Piaget, who was Swiss and Rebecca Jackson who was French. Piaget develop an education theory in which one he suggest the children past by 4 different stages on their mental development and explains the way to understand and acquire the knowledge. Cognitive Development Theory In this theory started with observation of children in his family when in that moment he thought the children’s minds were different then the adult’s mind with that, he said and proposed the intelligence and the knowledge is obtaining and developing according the ages of the children when they are growing; but that, does not…show more content…
(Presnell, 1999) This mean the infants are only aware of what is in front them and what happen in the close environment. Like they are growing, they are learning constantly by the trial and error, for example when the infants start to roll around their body and holding their head up, or start crawling and move in the space available for them. Later they start to standing up and walking holding their self from furniture and they feel a little freedom and challenge for that new adventure, walk. In addition to that, is also present the beginning of…show more content…
In here, the children are able to handle abstract concepts in math such as numbers, length, liquid, volume, weight, area, and others. Also they establish relationships with other people and accept different point of views even the social, logic and the feelings and moral are present. Last stage named Formal Operational is during the period of adolescent starting at 11 or 12 years old, the children or better call them teens are more mature and they achieves a propositional thinking and verbal hypothetical reasoning applying this knowledge in algebra an science, and that which is characterized by the maximum development of cognitive structures. Also they stablish judgments and criteria by their own. “At this point, people become capable of seeing multiple potential solutions to problems and think more scientifically about the world around them.” (Cherry, 2014). On Table 1 showing the characteristics of the Cognitive Development

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