Piaget's Theory Of Cognitive Development, And Human Cognitive Development

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Piaget believed that human thinking is always changing, and human cognitive development is influenced by “…biological maturation, activity, social experiences, and equilibration”. Also, as humans, we tend to want organization and adaptation. According to Piaget, humans need to arrange information and personal experiences in to the mental process, and humans will adjust their thoughts into different “schemes” which is understand something one way then adding to make it correct or change the idea to fit the thought. To understand new information, Piaget believes humans “disequilibrium” which is they will add or create new schemes to assimilate or accommodate new or existing ideas or schemas to fit new or old information. This information goes…show more content…
blocks back into the cube. They understand must go in this hole because that’s where it fits, but they do not grasp the reason behind why the shape fits or remember how to place the shape back when starting over. o Around age 6 months, they start to pick things up with their thumb and index finger. They begin to use their motor skills to pick up food (goal- directed activity), such as, cheerios and place it in their mouth using their thumb and index finger (a reflex action).
2. Preoperational- During this stage, children around ages 2-7 begin to learn and use language. They start to understand meaning behind words, and their mental actions but they are unable to think “backwards” or truly understand why others do what they do; they cannot process others point of views. Also, they start to “pretend play”.
• Side note: Piaget also felt in this stage children were “egocentric” that everything was about them. For example, when my three-year-old builds a tent and demands for her one-year-old sister to play. If her sister does not join in her fun, she will get mad and yell at her saying, “Mommy Anika come in my tent! Make her!”
• Examples: o My three-year-old will pretend mommy with her dolls or plays house with her

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